So much on my mind.

The purpose of this blog is to unload a mind full of conflicts, questions, doubts, and wonders.

I am Ted Caverly.
I hate phone calls. I do. Rarely do I enjoy receiving phone calls. Someone would have to be really special for me to answer the phone. It’s not that I hate people…excuse me. I have to see who’s calling me now.


I didn’t recognize the number. Whoever it was, they left a message, so I called my voice mail box.
11 unheard messages.

3 in danger of deletion.

Something I hate about my carrier’s VMS is that the announcer doesn’t state the caller’s number, or the time and date. I remember once I tried to look into it. I, a seasoned, Interneter, couldn’t find a useful information on how to go about changing this. A stresser.
There were two calls that I should have answered. They both left a message. I called one back. Maybe he has a job for me. Goddamn it, I should have received his call. I didn’t have his number though so I didn’t recognize¬† him. The other dude…well who knows what he wanted. But I’ve done business with him so it could have been useful.
Couple of the messages were useless..from simple hi’s to just stupid songs playing. Ex girlfriends? Who knows.

Then there’s my tenant. I don’t hate her, but she broke the shower head and she wants me to come fix it. I already gave her rent that’s $200 cheaper than what the place is worth. She repays me by breaking the shower head and calling me to fix it. Stresser.
I could avoid her call but she’d never leave me alone. What to do…I will tell her to get it fixed. Whatever the amount, I’ll deduct it from her rent next month. Then I’ll increase her rent at the 6 month mark. All is fair.

Oh and my lovely cousin. I like her. She checks up on me out of pure love. She gets on my case about my school work and she’s kind of dense about politics. But she works hard, and has all good intentions. I have to pick her up from the airport. She’s coming for a visit from Europe.

But the timing of it all..gosh. Stresser! I have exams, lab reports, readings and homeworks to do!

Checking my voicemail is a chore. Answering the phone is a chore. The two wrongs…


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